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  " What is most important and valuable about the home as a base for children's growth into the world is not that it is a better school than the schools, but that it isn't a school at all."
--John Holt


Believe it or not there actually are a lot of places to take the kids. Where else can you see the Statue of Liberty, pyramids, volcanoes, the Eiffel Tower, and the Canals of Venice all on one street? But the truth is that locals hardly ever go to the strip and if we do, we use back entrances and guide the kids right to where we are going. If you are new to Vegas, here are a few things that the strip does offer for us.

  • Luxor IMAX- I haven't checked this out yet but we love IMAX films.
  • Mandalay Bay Shark Reef- One of our favorite places to go. It is pretty expensive though. The libraries usually give away tickets to this as part of the Summer Reading Program. Parking is easy and you don't need to go through the casino to get there.
  • Mirage Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat-There are two bad things about this place, price and location. There is no way to get to it without trucking the kids through the casino. We do love it here though, and a few times a year they really cut the price to locals.
  • Titanic Exhibit- There are combo tickets available for this and Bodies. They have offered homeschoolers great discounts now and then. Watch for it on your groups.
  • Bodies Exhibit-See info above for Titanic. There are coupons available at the Henderson libraries as well as locals discounts.

More off the beaten path of the Las Vegas Strip is where the homeschoolers tend to be. Here are some ideas to get you started checking out the Valley.

  • Lied Discovery Children's Museum-If you are moving from a larger city, this does not quite compare to major science centers. They are trying though and over the past few years there have been significant improvements. My boys love the hurricane and water tables. Buy a membership, it will pay for itself.
  • Las Vegas Natural History Museum- See above caveat about Vegas museums. The kids love the dinosaurs here. There are usually 2 for 1 coupons out there. Try the Entertainment Book for them.
  • Springs Preserve- We have not made it to this yet but everyone just raves about it.
  • Red Rock-No, not the casino (although they do have a great bowling alley). Great family day trip here. See if you can meet Mojave Max.
  • Nevada State Museum- Fourth graders across Clark County make the annual pilgrimage here while studying Nevada history. The bat exhibit is memorable here. Other than that, it is just OK, not something worth breaking your neck to get to.
  • Hoover Dam Tour- This is an absolute must do for anyone! Need I say more?

Groups that plan regional and national fieldtrips:

  • SHEA- We went on their Not So Back To School Trip last year and participated in the Disneyland Youth Education Series. We had a great time and plan to join them again for the 2nd Annual Trip.

Elissa Wahl, of the Nevada Homeschool Network was so gracious to share this incredible 16 page guide to educational fieldtrips in the Las Vegas Valley. THANK YOU!

For the day to day places we visit. click on My Favorites.