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  " Parents give up their rights when they drop the children off at public school. "
-- Melinda Harmon, Federal Judge, 1996


Of course it is legal in Nevada to homeschool your child! You must file a Notice of Intent. The Nevada Homeschool Network has the form ready for you to print. You need to attach a generic educational plan which states what you plan to do with your child and what you will use to accomplish those goals. Almost everyone just prints the one offered by NHN or uses the Worldbook Typical Course of Study. I went as far as adding my sons' names to the top of the paper :)

You can mail the forms to the office or deliver them personally. If you expect an arguement from your childs previous school, take the time to go file in person. When I went to withdraw my older one, the registrar at the middle school would not do it without the approved form. While I know this is illegal, I had anticipated it so after being a little indignant about the whole thing, I gave her a copy. If I had filed by mail it would have taken weeks to get the form back. If you don't expect any hassles, by all means save the gas and time and send it in certified mail.

Nevada does not require that you use an educational consultant and homeschoolers are not tested. The Notice of Intent only needs to be filed once unless you move. Nevada is actually a pretty great state to live in as far as our legal right to homeschool. We have lots of great homeschool advocates to thank for that!

So, you have your letter! You are official! Let's move on to STEP 2-Those First Few Days and Weeks as a Homeschooler!

PS....I keep my letters with me in the car because places like Barnes and Noble require it to give you the teachers discount.